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Crew Ferguson



As most of you know, we have tried to have a relationship with our former son-in-law.  It is of no avail.  So here is my true statement:

Although the father of the twins has made extreme attempts to separate us, and Trevor from the twins, we still love them, and know that one day Gabby & Liam will find out how evil and lying, the bastard is.  He has stolen money & personal items from us and Trevor, committed perjury in the court system and even now, will not answer our phone calls.  Even with court papers giving us visitation, he refuses us the chance to see them and talk to them.  He has broken the vow he gave Christi on keeping her family together.  If there is a god, please let this man suffer as we have suffered.  Let his children hate him as I hate him, and may his family learn what a cowardly, lying, blood sucker he really is. 

I truly hate this man.................

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