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Good Ole Boys





Keith Sam & Mike in the recording studio

bulletIf you enjoy square dancing, good harmony, and lots of fun, you would certainly enjoy the calling of the Good Ole' Boys, from Ohio.  The group's three members are:   Sam Dunn, Mike King, and Keith Zimmerman.  They call in three-part harmony, and can provide entertaining programs, complete with skits, games, and unexpected costumes.


bulletSam, Mike, and Keith have been calling together as a group for the past nineteen years.   They all began calling in the early 1970's, and call basic through A2.  As a group, they are presently calling festivals and specials in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.


bulletThe Good Ole' Boys are active in the Mid-Western Ohio Callers Association (Lima), and the Miami Valley Callers Association (Dayton).  They are all members of the American Callers Association.


bulletThe idea for the Good Ole' Boys was conceived in 1981 as the three were kicking around theme suggestions for a special dance they were to do together.  As the date was set for rehearsal;  four hours and one song later, the Good Ole' Boys were a reality.


bulletAfter several months of preparation, they called their first dance as a group in Lima, Ohio.  Twenty squares were on hand that 1982 Sunday afternoon.  So, armed with good reviews and loads of moral support, they began to accept engagements as a group.


bulletIn 1984 the boys began planning a weekend festival of their own, at Kings Island Inn, near Cincinnati Ohio. The first Weekend Getaway was held in March of 1986, with 60+ squares in attendance.  The year 2000, marked 15th annual and final  Weekend Getaway together.


bulletThe Good Ole' Boys have been voted the Midwestern Ohio Square & Round Dance Council's "Caller Of The Year, for 2001.


bulletSam and Sue Dunn reside in Sebring, Florida.  They are the parents of two son's and one daughter.  They are the grandparents of five boys and one girl.


bulletMike and Bonnie King are the parents of two sons.  They are the grandparents of two boys.  They reside in Cairo, Ohio.


bulletKeith and Cindy Zimmerman make their home in Piqua, Ohio.   They are the parents of two sons.


bulletAs their name suggests, the Good Ole' Boys are just that.....three callers who are good friends, that enjoy calling, singing, and having fun together, while providing excellent square dancing and an enjoyable "good ole' time" for everyone.


bulletIt has taken about 9 years, but The Good Ole' Boys are coming out with a  new singing call tape/CD.  If you are interested, or want more info please call one of the boy's below............


bulletThe Good Ole' Boys hosted their last dances in Ohio in 2004.  

Due to the location of one caller living in Florida and two callers living in Ohio,,,,we are not saying that we are completely finished as a group but, it would take a considerable time and money to get then together again, but, 

If you got the money, We can make the time :)  :)  :)

For booking information, you can reach the following people.

Good Ole' Boys - e-mail

Keith Zimmerman - 937-773-3966 - e-mail

Sam Dunn - 863-382-6792  e-mail

Mike King - 419-641-3062 - e-mail


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